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[About us]

We lead a team with expertise in Architecture, Brand Environment Consultancy, Renovations and Re-fits, Interior Architecture etc.
Founded in April 1994, AD Consulting is one of Nigeria’s most internationally and nationally awarded firms. We work closely as a consortium with experienced Structural and MEP Engineers to deliver a 100 per cent project success rate to our clients for over 27 years.
Interior, Reeve Road

[What we offer]


With over 135 projects for the last 27 years ranging from construction project advisory, master plans to interior architecture fit-outs, members of AD’s team have vast experience handling commercial, educational and cultural projects.



Our designs consider the unique environmental, cultural, and technological contexts while meeting functional and aesthetic needs of our clients.


Brand Environment

We transform physical spaces into immersive brand experiences that captivate audiences and foster meaningful connections between our clients and stakeholders.


Interior Architecture

Our extensive experience in commercial, educational, and cultural projects allows us to deliver exceptional interior architecture solutions to some of the world’s top brands.


Master Planning

We create visionary plans with a deep understanding of economic, social, and environmental factors, aiming to create lasting impact for our clients.