AD Consulting

Ad Studio Lekki

At the AD Consulting Studio, the promenade is both horizontal and vertical. Each floor in this building delights with a different panorama and experience at different levels, evoking a totally distinct sense of place as the diurnal and nocturnal cycles change. Progressing through its front doors, the winding curvilinear plane of the studio’s glass wall seems to snake into the distance, manipulating our sense of perspective. As we ascend to the first floor, we rise through the light cascading through the translucent helical glass staircase which is a celebration of African fractals. Through the light of the domed skylight, we are immersed in the cool light coming directly from the sky above, and we can clearly distinguish the quality of the warm light coming through the western sun filtering through the security “art screen” and its pyramidal window. Landing on the first floor and to the left, the borrowed light through the conference room glows gently with the illumination channelled from its completely transparent external perimeter. The entrance lobby below is a shadow-free zone, as the light from the conference room finds no obstruction from the connecting glass bridge and diffuses directly onto the ground floor. Likewise, the light from the skylight is unimpeded by the glass staircase. Rising through the atrium to the roof garden on the second floor, each level of the AD Consulting Studio delights with a completely new experience. The verdant roof terrace is a delight to both children and adults alike.