AD Consulting


The company’s cafeteria had turned into a chauffeurs’ lounge, posing health, safety, and environmental concerns. Despite a global policy mandating staff to eat in the cafeteria, compliance was ineffective. The success of the cafeteria’s redevelopment depended on understanding architectural psychology and socio-cultural context. The design incorporated different behavioral patterns of human resources, including varying levels of interaction during lunchtime.

Banquettes were included for those who wanted to bond over meals, while high perches were provided for those who wanted to eat while working on laptops. The art installations, lighting system, and Coca-Cola red color scheme accentuated the design, and compliance was achieved with the Gesamtkunstwerk approach. The revamped cafeteria became a staff favorite and was even used for the company’s first townhall meeting with the incoming Managing Director expressing delight in warm terms.