AD Consulting

Guiding Light Assembly Church

Guiding Light Assembly, as conceived originally, was a total artwork. The sculptural “praying hands” were intrinsic sculptural sun breakers that also revealed the LED lights threaded through their surface, designed to shine at night in a dynamic visual shift between night and day.  The intended effect was to transform the concrete fins, which are suggestive of praying hands or angels wings into a radiant star at night, thus shifting the dynamic of the visual allegory from that of the church as a place of prayer and contemplation during the day to the light that shines as a star in the darkness. The moat and water jets were tactile and thermal stimuli as well as visual cues, and the stained-glass windows were designed as an intrinsic element intended to glow gently in the day with the naturally lit interiors, and at night would metamorphose into an intense glow and enhance all the details of the stained glass when lit artificially.