AD Consulting

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Senate Building Project

Building on the principles of integral climate response, in this project AD  leans on landscaping as a tool. At the entrance of the OAU senate building a trellis, which is reminiscent of the beaded veil of the Oòni, king of Ife, serves as a visual metaphor for approaching the àṣẹ and the authority the senate represents. Yoruba Obas wear beaded crowns for their most sacred outings, alluding to the fact that such power and authority to decree must be shrouded from prying eyes. Such was the force believed to reside within the monarch that it was necessary to protect the citizenry from it issuing forth from his or her mien and utterances, hence the veil on the Oba’s face and mouth. The trellis is rendered as a climate modification solution, with plants trained over it as a living and aesthetically dynamic addition, and also to reduce the thermal load and to filter the air quality.  The trellis over the amphitheatres of the Peace Centre act as similar climate-responsive solutions that provide cool, invigorating and visually pleasing respite from the sun’s rays.