AD Consulting

Villa on Reeve Rd

The Reeve residence is a long and narrow building that prioritizes the hierarchy of spaces with a clear division between private and public areas. It features a grand staircase with a functional glass sculpture that resembles vertebrae of a giant lifeform. Natural light floods the interiors through extensive windows on all levels, and the rooftop garden creates an entertainment space with panoramic views of the neighbourhood. The building is climate-responsive, deploying horizontal and vertical planes to reduce the thermal load on the fenestration and using sun shading devices such as window hoods.

The water feature in the garden is designed as a visual oríkì for the family’s role as leaders of their extended family, representing them as valuable members of the African socio-cultural context. The Reeve residence is an exquisite piece of functional ornamentation that adds value on several levels and exemplifies the Gesamtkuntswerk concept.