AD Consulting

Villa on Reeve Road, Ikoyi

In AD’s architecture from its inception, the work is conceived as an integral unit. The interiors and the furnishing are not afterthoughts, and the landscape is purposely designed to be viewed from promenades and isovistas within the building. In the Reeve Road Villa, what would have been a mere corridor linking the grand reception to the living rooms is transformed by adopting a Gesamtkunstwerk approach the generous width of the hallway, the precise shade of the white walls,  the picture lighting illuminating the canvases, and the indirect daylight from the windows, are all purposefully designed to transform the hallway to a gallery for the display of the canvases of Nigerian masters in flattering light. Huge windows render the vertical plane of the gallery’s western wall immaterial as they visually connect the Zen-like oriental garden, a view which at night is further accentuated by cleverly designed external lighting spotlighting features in the garden. The sparse furniture is not incidental. A single black leather ottoman with white piping was intentionally positioned facing the window, as an invitation to pause and to contemplate the view and the art, and imbibe the spirit of space. What would have been a drab passageway is transformed into Gesamtkunstwerk; an immersion into serenity.