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Villa At Pinnock Beach Estate

Residences in this estate are a veritable case study in what the Nigerian zeitgeist considers “modern”. That aspirational spirit seeking to outshine its neighbours manifests glaringly, and this villa refrains from joining the fray. While the white form with the flat roof fits into the architecture of much of this estate, this residence adheres to a “progressive reveal“. Its vertiginous seven-meter entrance cantilever, which supports a bedroom on the first floor, is a “hardworking feature” as Venturi would define it, and doubles as a porch on the entrance level while hinting at the further surprises this collision of Platonic volumes holds in store. The soaring double-volume entrance offers uncluttered vistas of flowing horizontal and vertical planes ahead that delineate activity spaces with visual cues rather than walls. From the first floor, views extend to double-volume spaces below and stairs ahead leading to a third floor that houses a library and lobby/gym. The transparent vertical plane of the generous landing/lobby on the third floor guides the visual direction to an expansive roof garden. The villa lends credence to the fact that building a desirable society requires some conformity as an expression of civility and good manners, but in no way denies the right to creative expression and individuality. This is the principle at the core of contextual veracity