AD Consulting

Villa In Malali Gra, Kaduna

A thorough understanding of principles results in reflecting the spatial interactions, relationships and hierarchy in heritage architecture, rather than copying its forms. In my Neo Heritage buildings for northern clients who practice Islam, ethno-cultural Islamic/Hausa values reflected in the hierarchy of public, semi-public, and private spaces are maintained, and spaces (such as for mosques or ablution halls)  are provided for while the Neo Heritage plan form deviates markedly from Hausa heritage buildings.


At the Villa at Minna, Niger State Residence at Rabbah Road, Kaduna and the  Malali GRA Villa in Kaduna the designs are typical of my method of learning from heritage architecture to derive neo heritage architecture – understanding functional principles and spatial relationships. Regarding the external morphology demonstrating an understanding of the forms, proportions and contemporary functions of ornamentation; solutions which transcend mimetic adherence to roof shapes or zanko are critical.  A thorough understanding of the principles and not mere mimetics delivers the desired outcomes. This is the intent that is the core of Neo Heritage Ideation.